Impersonation Tool (BETA)

Impersonation capability is currently a BETA tool that has been released for use, in a limited capacity, to some exclusive users. It is primarily a tool to aid in the support of an individual's end-users by allowing users with impersonation privileges the ability to view the Authentise Platform as the user that they are impersonating. It is only an option if you have a Private Instance of the Authentise Platform and Impersonation privileges are granted to users following a support request and approval process. Please submit a Zendesk request if you would like to gain access to this capability.


Accessing the Impersonation Tool

The tool can be accessed (after making a support request to Authentise) by clicking the User Menu and selecting the Impersonate option. 



After clicking the Impersonate option, you will be taken to the Impersonation Tool page. Here you will be presented with a list of users in your Bureau that you can select from and Impersonate. You can also type their exact user email address (Case sensitive) into the search bar.




Once you have begun Impersonating a user, subtle signals will change in the application.

  1. The Top Navigation Bar will become a lighter blue color than it typically shows
  2. The User Name listed in the User Menu will be that of the User that you are impersonating.
  3. The User that you are impersonating will be listed on the Impersonation Tool page.
  4. An option to End Impersonation will be added you your User Menu. Clicking this option will end the Impersonation and return you to your original User Account.
  5. An option to Stop the Impersonation will be shown on the Impersonation Tool Page. Clicking this option will end the Impersonation and return you to your original User Account.




Using Impersonation

When impersonating a User, you are essentially "walking in their shoes throughout the app". This means that any changes that you make will be recorded as being completed by the User that you are impersonating. Things such as creating an order, adding a line item, and completing runs will be recorded in the Traceability report as the User that you are Impersonating. This is one one the reasons that access to this tool is carefully controlled and limited to specific users.


This tool is typically used to aid in the simulation or recreation of specific issues that may be reported to a System Admin. In this situation, you may want to impersonate a user to "see what they are seeing" and better understand what they are attempting to do when they experience any sort of issue.


It can also be used to aid in Training and Demonstration purposes. In these situations, a Manager user may impersonate an account with different Roles to show what other users might expect to see. Overall, it can be a very helpful tool for the use and support of the Authentise system and it should be used very carefully. 


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