Non-conformance Review - Setup Guide

Non-conformance Reviews are the newest type of Production Change supported within Authentise!

This new functionality allows users to Flag Pieces for Nonconformance Review and initiates the Non-conformance Review process. By doing this, the flagged pieces will have a Non-conformance Review step added as the next step in their workflow. This will generate a Run for the Nonconformance Review Process (containing the selected Pieces and performed at that Location's Nonconformance Review workstation).


Adding a non conformance review step to your bureau 

To add a non conformance review to your bureau, users must follow the steps of adding a post processor type and post processor. Create a new Post Processor Type and fill in the details as usual (See Post Processor Types and Post Processors for more support on adding a post processor type).

At the section for Advanced settings, under Review type, select Non conformance review. Once saved, the Non-conformance Review Post Processor Type is ready for your standard set of questions to be added as Work Instructions so that you can standardize the data capture and record-keeping which goes into your Non-conformance process.

To add this Non conformance review step, navigate to the Post Processor page and select add post processor. Fill in the required details and select the non conformance post processor type that you previously created. Once saved, you will now be able to flag up your completed workflow step for a non-conformance review.


Flagging pieces for a non conformance review

  1. On the run level, once the run build is complete, users can decide to select one or more pieces for a non conformance review. To do this:
  2. On the production change dropdown list, select Flag for non conformance review.
  3. Select the pieces you would like and click submit
  4. You will be provided with some information on what the non-conformance review entails and be shown the pieces selected for the review.
  5. Once you are ready to send it off, click submit.
  6. A second pop up will appear, for runs with multiple pieces, regarding splitting off the runs. This provides users the option to keep the schedule of the following workflow step runs the same as the other pieces or Split the schedule and create a new batch of runs for the selected piece. 
  7. Once submitted, a non conformance review process step will be added as the next step in the workflow for the selected piece(s).



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