Understand & Interpret Machine Queues

The Machines Queues can be accessed through the Work menu in the Navigation Bar. This Gantt Chart view demonstrates the status of all your machines in your inventory, whether it is a printer or post-processor.



On the left of the Gantt Chart is a list of all your machines in your Inventory. If your machines are directly connected to Authentise via Echo, hovering on the circle on the left of each machine will show you the live status of that machine (A). Clicking on the machine names will take you to that specific machine's page (B).


The top of the Gantt Chart shows the date and time. Zooming in and out can be done by using your mouse/ touchpad, or by clicking on the dark grey bar (zoom out) and light grey bar (zoom in). You can also click and drag the main area of the Gantt Chart to move left or right in the past and future.


Finally, the main area of the Gantt is populated by bars which represent the runs that are assigned to each machine. Hovering over a bar will give you details of the run, and a direct link to the traveler QR code (C). Clicking on the bar will take you to that particular bar (D).


The colors of the runs in the Gantt chart are shown in the table below. An orange outline of the bar will indicate that the run is Locked.


Finally, the blue button at the top right of the page acts as a refresh button for the Gantt Chart. By clicking it, a recalculation of the whole schedule occurs, based on runs that have been added, removed, or edited. It is worth noting that when the "auto-schedule-runs" feature flag is enabled, we automatically perform these recalculations periodically; but this button is a manual way to request the same action.






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