Understand & Interpret Pieces

This article will aim to explain the Piece Page, and the different features that are displayed within it.

Every physical piece that is entered through the system will have its own page, displaying all the details about that particular piece. A piece pages can be found by navigating to Plan > Pieces, or by clicking on a piece's name in any page of the software (for example in an order or a run).


Piece Summary

The first box is the Piece Summary. This displays a render of the piece, the piece name which can be edited using the edit icon, the order that it is in (including the link to the order), the status, production workflow, and the date and time it was created. It also includes a table that breaks down the prep and production workflows of the piece. If a run is In Progress or Complete, the Name of the run will include a direct link to the run, and a blue arrow will appear that expands into more details of that run.


The comments shown in this box are automatically carried through from the order of the run. Therefore if a user enters a comment in the linked order, it will appear under the comments section of that piece.

Traceability Report

The traceability report tracks every action that was undertaken regarding the piece. The total number of events (actions) is displayed on the right of the Filter field, the date of each action can be found next to each action. The traceability report table can be filtered by various categories:


CAD Model Changes

The CAD Model Changes are all the settings that are set during the creation of the line item that includes the piece, as well as any changes made to them. The blue arrow can be clicked on to expand the action details, such as the material the piece was set to. On the right of the table, the exact time and name of the person who undertook the action will be displayed.


CAD Model Replaced

This indicates if and when the CAD file was replaced, and will link a download file to said model.

Print and Post Process Events

This will display all events related to the production of the piece, including links to the corresponding machines and types used.


Work Checklist Changes and Work Instruction Report Events

This will display all changes made to the production workflow and all the inputs from the QR app. These inputs are requested based on the work instructions linked to each workflow step that the piece has undergone.

In Preparation Events

These events detail all steps related to the Prep Workflow. This includes status changes for each step, and any changes made to the prep workflow and corresponding steps.

Manual Notes

The manual notes are the notes that are written at the line item level.



The Other notes typically refer to any additions and changes done to the overall order that the piece is part of.


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