QR - Kiosk Mode - Contactless Login Setup Guide

The setup and rollout of the Contactless Login capability for the QR App is key to its success. It takes a little bit of setup and then it works great!


Step 1: Enabling the Setting for your Bureau

  • If you are a Manager within your bureau, you will now have the option to enable Login via QR for your Bureau's users. This setting is accessed via the Administration>Settings Page.
    • Select Allow and save the form. Optionally, tweak your automated logout time to match your Bureau's needs.



By enabling this setting, you will now be able to configure individual devices to use Kiosk Mode when accessing Authentise via our QR App.


Step 2: Configuring each Device to use Kiosk Mode

Now that you have enabled the Bureau-wide setting, you can now set up each of your desired devices to use Kiosk Mode. This will allow Users that are logging in on that device to access the Login with QR Code option.


To enable Kiosk Mode, first log in to the QR App on the device that you are applying this setting. Note: we recommend pairing the use of Kiosk Mode with the ability to save a shortcut to the QR App on your device's homepage, for the best experience. Now that you have logged in, click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the screen to access the QR Settings page.




Once there, check the Kiosk Mode checkbox and you are done!



To check your work, log out of the QR App and confirm that you now see the Login with QR App button. Remember, you will need to do this quick setup process on each device that you would like to set up as a Kiosk.



Step 3: Getting your personal QR Code

The easiest way for you and your users to obtain their QR code is via their Profile page. On this page, Users may generate a unique QR code which will be active until you (or they) generate another QR code for their account. If you would like to set a bureau-wide expiration on these QR codes, let us know at support@authentise.zendesk.com!




After clicking the Button, save or print your current QR code in whatever manner is convenient for you! A Note for Bureau Managers: You can also generate personal QR codes for your Users using the User Administration page. 


Step 4: Logging in with your QR Code

On your Kiosk Mode enabled device, open the Authentise QR App and click Login. Next, click the Login with QR Button and scan your personal QR Code. If your QR Code is still active, you should now be logged into the QR App so that you may proceed with your needed operations!




Other Considerations

Bureau Managers can disable this Bureau-wide setting at any time using the Administration Settings page. Doing this will invalidate all of the personal login QR codes that have been generated and prevent them from being used to access the system.






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